me: hey ghost whats ur fav anime
ouija board: n...
me: naruto?
ouija board:
me: neon genesis evangelion?
ouija board: ...nerd


affectionate nicknames to call your significant other

  • weird kid
  • panty sniffer
  • virgin 
  • freak
  • twat
  • pervert 
  • pedophile
  • melon fucker


i feel like every week i’m just like “i need to get through this week”

@gays why don’t yall want to take fucking responsibility for being biphobic?? it’s not just straight people and yall know it



No one is fucking biphobic stfu people don’t like that you aren’t with one sex. You are getting with both. Just pick goddamnit

"no one is fucking biphobic were just

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